The New Waves Non fiction


Tomasz Wolski | Poland | 2021 | 70 min.
O.V. in Polish subtitled in Spanish and English

It's 1970, after fifteen years of communism in Poland, things are heating up: the government is raising the price of food, and people are going to the streets in protest. Tomasz Wolski chronicles this escalating state of tension and violence in this psychological thriller constructed with stop motion animations that illustrate the (real) recordings of telephone conversations between the leaders of the Home Office crisis cabinet and found footage material. A powerful and highly original approach that brought him the top prize at Visions du Réel.

instituto polaco

Direction: Tomasz Wolski
Script: Tomasz Wolski
Cinematography: Animation: Robert Sowa
Editing: Tomasz Wolski
Music: Bartlomiej Tycinski, DJ Lenar
Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk
Production: Anna Gawlita
Production Company: Square Eyes

Tomasz Wolski

Born in 1977 in Poland, he graduated in Journalism at the Jagiellonian University with a degree in Documentary Film at the Wajda School. He has been a member of the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Berlin Today Award. He is an academic at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, a lecturer at the Wajda School, a member of the Society of Polish Filmmakers, the Guild of Polish Documentary Filmmakers and the European Film Academy. He directed the short films Daughter (2015, awarded at Angers Premiers Plan) and A Problem. In 2020, he directed the medium-length film An Ordinary Country, Grand Jury Prize at Visions du Réel, where his latest film, 1970, was also awarded. He is also the editor and cameraman of multi-award-winning documentaries.