Jaione Camborda | Spain | 2019 | 77 min
O.V in Galician subtitled in English and Spanish

Arima is a ghost movie. In a village of greenery and gray stone, it’s unknown whether this is real or the product of a feverish dream, raises a story starred by four women and a girl. The arrival of two outsiders alter their ecosystem, fear and desire emerge, discovering a tangle of echoes from the past, mysteries and mirror games. This is a debut feature film from one of the most promising Novo Cinema Galego figures, Jaione Camborda.

This title will be available on 5th November on the Cervantes Institute's Vimeo channel for 48 hours, starting at 20:00 (GMT+1).

Direction: Jaione Camborda
Script: Jaione Camborda
Cinematography: Alberte Branco
Editing: Marcos Florez
Cast: Melania Cruz, Nagore Arias, Rosa Puga Dávila, Tito Asorey, Iria Parada, Mabel Rivera
Production Company: Esnatu Zinema


She was born in San Sebastian in 1983. Studied Audiovisual Communication in Madrid, Film Direction at the Film School of Prague (FAMU) and Art Direction at the Film School of Munich (HFF). Lived several years in Berlin, where she worked in the art department of several film productions. In 2010 she moved to Santiago de Compostela, where she now resides and works. In 2011 she founded the production company Esnatu Zinema. She has worked as a scriptwriter, producer and art director on films of international prestige. As a director, she has several experimental short films under her belt including: Nimbos, Proba de Axilidade and Rapa das Bestas. Arima is her first fiction feature film.