Special Session


Alina Grigore | Romania | 2021 | 85 min.
O.V in Romanian subtitled in Spanish and English
blue moon

The unexpected and courageous Golden Shell for Blue Moon, the first feature film by actress Alina Grigore, confirms that 2021 will be remembered for the first generalized triumph of female directors at major festivals. Young Irina (Iona Chitu) lives and works in her family's small hotel in rural Romania, where she faces a wide spectrum of macho violence, from sex without consent to obsessive control by her relatives. Without leaving the protagonist's side, we will accompany her in her attempt to escape with her sister from this patriarchal environment.

Direction: Alina Grigore
Script: Alina Grigore
Cinematography: Adrian Paduretu
Editing: Mircea Olteanu
Sound: Ioan Filip
Cast: Ioana Chitu, Mircea Postelnicu, Mircea Silaghi, Vlad Ivanov

Alina Grigore

Bucharest, 1984. She started acting at the age of 10 in local television, radio, theatre and puppetry groups. A graduate of the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Bucharest in 2007, Grigore has acted for filmmakers such as Cristi Puiu (Aurora) and Radu Potcoava (Happy End) and has starred in several Romanian TV series. Together with director Adrian Sitaru, she wrote the screenplay for Ilegitim (2016), her latest work as a film actress. After directing the short films Domino (2016), Triptic (2016) and River-bet (2017), her debut feature, Blue Moon (2021), won the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Festival. Her second film, Some Irrelevant Stories About Moms, starring Melissa Leo, is already in the works.