Request period: 10th to 30th October 2018. 

Reserved exclusively for representatives of the media (written press, digital press, press agencies, television, specialised magazines and radio).

There is a limited number of accreditations. 



Request period: 10th to 30th October 2018.

To complete the request process go to THIS LINK. It is necessary to attach the following documents:   

1. Letter from the director of the medium certifying that the applicant for accreditation is the professional commissioned to cover the Festival.

2. For media accredited in previous editions: information, news, reports and general coverage published about Festival activity.

3. For digital media and/or specialised blogs: accreditation of its informative and educational character, its range and number of visits along with an example of a work signed recently about film or cultural matters.

4. For all requesting media: plan for covering the festival and a report on the treatment the Seville Festival activity will receive before and after it is held.

5. Recent photograph

The required documentation should be attached along with the request for accreditation. Once received, your request will be studied.

Before 1st November, you will receive an e mail informing you about the status of your request.

For further information contact us on:



PRESS accreditation is valid for direct access to press screenings, press conferences and meeting with the press.

For other Festival screenings it will be necessary to get 1 ticket per screening, presenting this accreditation at the box office in official venues for screenings on the current day and the following day, up to 30 minutes before the screening. 

This accreditation does not grant access to the opening gala, the closing gala or other special events.

Accreditation is personal and non-transferable, its misuse will result in it being withdrawn by the organization.